Introducing Canopy Sleep

Introducing Canopy Sleep


“The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to.”
-F Scott Fitzgerald 

Picture this scene: It’s nighttime and you’re ready to sleep. You get into bed, but it’s not just any bed. This one surrounds you with blackout drapes on all sides to provide absolute darkness and pure tranquility. This one is set to your ideal nightly temperature with speakers playing the sounds of the rainforest, mountain campfire, and other calming Sleepscapes. There's even nightly and morning meditations so you can find your calm right before dozing off to sleep, or first thing in the morning. This is a nighttime experience unlike any other. This is Canopy Sleep. 

Sleep naturally, rise brilliantly.

What is Canopy Sleep?

The Canopy Sleep bed is a new type of bed designed to improve your sleep quality by creating the ideal nighttime environment. It's like having your own personal sleep oasis! The minimalist design fits effortlessly into any bedroom, and comes in walnut and oak options. Its cutting-edge technology is delivered with simplicity, making it accessible to everyone.

How Does It Work?

When you connect your Canopy Sleep bed to your phone, you’ll be prompted to choose your Sleepscape, preferred sleep temperature, bed time and when you’d like to wake up. 

Each night, as bedtime approaches, your Canopy Sleep bed starts creating the ideal environment for rest - heating or cooling the environment to your liking and illuminating the space with a dim, calming, long-wave sunset set to the soothing soundtrack of your favorite Sleepscape.  As the sunset fades to complete darkness and the temperature adjusts, you are nestled in a comfy cocoon for your nightly slumber. 

If you wake up in the middle of the night, a one-press button on the side of the headboard starts a meditation to invite you back to sleep without needing to reach for your phone.  As morning approaches, wake up peacefully to the sounds of nature, a warming environment, and dawn simulation from your bed’s circadian canopy lighting.

What Does it Look Like?

Canopy Sleep is a modern, four-poster bed with blackout curtains on each side. It was created in partnership with Brooklyn-based Uhuru Design, with details brought to life by Housefish, a modern furniture company based in Denver, Colorado. Uhuru is part of the New American Design movement, which elevates storytelling through design, and creates an emotional connection with the objects around us. Originally born in the early 2000s in Brooklyn and California as a reaction against mass-market furniture, New American Design now promises to be the most meaningful design movement since mid century modern.

Easy Setup and Control

Canopy Sleep is user-friendly and designed for people of all ages. Setting it up is a breeze, and you can control it effortlessly through the app.

Invest in Your Health and Well-being

We all know that better sleep means a healthier, happier life, but it’s not always easy to accomplish. With Canopy Sleep, you're making an investment in your well-being. Start enjoying the benefits of a truly restful night's sleep, and say hello to more productive days and a better quality of life.

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a deep, uninterrupted sleep. Visit Canopy Sleep's website today.

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